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Our Lady Seat of Wisdom, Thomas and Accreditation

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As I mentioned on Saturday, now proclaimed on our webpage, Our Lady Seat of Wisdom has received accreditation.  Alleluia!  The little college that began with nine students back in the Jubilee Year 2000, has now been recognized by the Ontario government as a degree-granting institution. It is significant that we heard news of this on the feast of Saint Thomas Aquinas, who is not only one of our heroes around here, but also the patron saint of Catholic schools and ... (Continue reading)

Good News for Our Lady Seat of Wisdom

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From Dr. Keith Cassidy, President of Our Lady Seat of Wisdom: We are pleased to announce that the Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Development has agreed to allow Our Lady Seat of Wisdom to offer the degree of Bachelor of Catholic Studies. This consent is subject to certain conditions and is for an initial period of six years. From our viewpoint the most significant of these conditions is that over the next few years we undertake to develop pathways for ... (Continue reading)

Media, Bought and Sold


The mercantile nature of journalism has finally come full circle, as the newspapers (well, given that many publish in other media, we should call them 'news sources') are now begging for public subsidies. (Continue reading)

A couple of postings for your perusal: On the quality of mercy, in the light of the great Shakespeare. And the young, politically active Alissa Golob's take on her visit to President Trump's inauguration and the March for Women.  We may not agree on all things, but different perspectives help at times. And, speaking of different perspectives, I personally enjoyed Father Rutler's take on, one might say gentle excoriation of, the naysayers against Donald Trump.  Politics, like much of life, ... (Continue reading)

The Savings of Death

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They actually published a report out of Alberta, out of the University of Calgary, and published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, that 'medical assistance in dying', also known more accurately as murder-suicide (soon, we might think, just plain murder) that putting the old, the sick and the just plain tired-of-life to death will save a whole whopping $139 million. They break down the costs further:  $25 for the drugs to put the patient, well, to 'sleep', with a total ... (Continue reading)

Mirth, according to Saint Thomas Aquinas


On this feast of a 'mirthy' saint, it is a propos to take a brief glance at what Saint Thomas says about this most Christian of attitudes towards life: Joy in the simple things:   Thomas Aquinas, Summa theologica Question 168, Article 4. Whether there is a sin in lack of mirth? I answer that, In human affairs whatever is against reason is a sin. Now it is against reason for a man to be burdensome to others, by offering no pleasure to others, and by hindering ... (Continue reading)

The Gentle and Winning Francis de Sales

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Saint Francis de Sales (1567-1622), Bishop of Geneva and Doctor of the Church, is the patron saint of writers, not surprisingly, given his very readable, apt, direct, clear spiritual works, which have stood the test of time, and can be read today with as much benefit as they could in the 16th century. After a period of self-doubt, convinced he was predestined to hell, Francis devoted himself to Our Lady, realizing that ‘God is good’, and wills the salvation of all.  ... (Continue reading)

Off on the Right Foot

The Trump presidency has started off on a most heartening note, with the new commander-in-chief signing back into effect the ‘Mexico City’ policy, removing all American funding of overseas abortions. This policy, first put into effect by Ronald Reagan, was rescinded by, yes, Bill Clinton, then put back by George  W. Bush, then rescinded again by Barack Obama, now...Well, the whole sorry business has been Trumped, and the day after the 44th anniversary of the infamous Roe vs. Wade ... (Continue reading)

True Love, Post Holiday, Beyond Emotion

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Each year between January and March, my family moves out into the wide world. Some of us go to college, others go to work, and the rest of us fall into the travel plans wherever we might be useful. Then, usually sometime in November, my family returns from our travels across the country and hops back into life as one big happy family in Alabama. My dad and my brother-in-law both work jobs that require a lot of travel in ... (Continue reading)

Saint Agnes and the Women’s March

saint agnes

Today, the universal Church celebrates the memorial of Saint Agnes, a young Virgin Martyr, who perished by the sword under the reign of Diocletian in 304.  Her name, which sounds like the Latin noun for 'lamb' (agnus) is derived from the Greek, agnes, 'chaste, pure, sacred'. She was highly venerated, attested to by the fact that she has her own antiphons in the Office.  Contemporary accounts, preserved by Saint Ambrose, attest that the executioner was more afraid to kill her than ... (Continue reading)

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