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Liberal Budget Educated in Red Ink

Liberal Budget Educated in Red Ink

The Ontario Liberal budget was released yesterday:  As expected, costs are going up, while revenues tank, the deficit is $50 billion, the debt, well, the debt is now more than $300 billion.  With those apocalyptic figures, I am not sure how worried we should be that wine is going up ten cents a bottle.  Perhaps the rise in gas costs is more troublesome, four cents a litre, the result of Kathleen Wynne's ... (Continue reading)

Clarification on the Legend of Paul VI’s ‘Permission’

*Pursuant to my recent post on Pope Francis' ambiguous and confusing remarks on contraception, it turns out that my initial discomfiture of hearing of Paul VI's supposed permission to nuns in the Congo to use the Pill in case they were raped was a healthy sign:  According to Father Z (his blog posting on this is well worth the read, and leads one to wonder how much else out there is 'urban legend') Paul VI, it seems, gave no ... (Continue reading)

Trump, Zika and Contraception

Pope francis and Trump

The Holy Father has started another furore with his latest off-the-cuff interview on the plan ride back from his pilgrimage to Mexico.  I would recommend that all those interested read the entire text of the interview, or at least the relevant bits.  As I have written before, it is always good to go back to the sources, and make up one's own mind. The two most  controversial segments (yes, there are others) have to do, first, with the Pope's ... (Continue reading)

Come, My Love: An Analysis of Thomas Merton’s Mystical Poem “Pass Through My Will”

thomas merton

  Thomas Merton’s poem “Pass through My Will” takes the reader on a deeply mystical journey through layers upon layers of spiritual significance. At the same time, it captures the simplicity of a folk song and the heart-felt purity of a romantic ballad. The musical accompaniment by John Michael Talbot broadens its beauty even further and makes it sing out from the soul. I have endeavored to write down some of my own reflections on it, and hope that your own ... (Continue reading)

Humanities, Technology and the Martian

the martian

On  a news report the other evening, it was mentioned that enrolment in the humanities (philosophy, literature, history, to say nothing of theology) has dropped by 50% over the past  ten years in our universities.  Burgeoning onwards with full enrolments, on the other hand, are the S.T.E.M. studies, science, technology, engineering and mathematics, with which one can presumably 'get a job'.  This says many things about our culture, not many of them good and bode well.  As I, and others ... (Continue reading)

Of Universities, Family Day and JP II

*Anyone who is remotely interested in the state of the Canadian university, and especially all the parents pondering where to send their children, and all the high school graduates wondering where to go next year, must read this recent essay by Professor Ron Srigley of the University of Prince Edward Island, on how truly corrupt these institutions have become, and this from a secular vantage point.  I will have more to write on the university, something very near and dear ... (Continue reading)

Ash Wednesday Audience of Pope Francis

pope francis jan 30

(Here are words from our current Pontiff, Pope Francis, to help begin our Lenten journey.  His message continues the tradition of the Holy Father to exhort us to metanoia and good works.  All well and good.  My only problem is his exhortation towards the end to realize a 'world with no poor', something he has mentioned before, which I have a difficult time jibing with our Lord's words that the 'poor you will always have with you'.  I suppose we ... (Continue reading)

Valentine’s Day and Violence

broken heart

As we near the over-hyped commemoration we call 'Valentine's Day' (Valentine was a rather obscure third-century martyr, of whom we know little, but legends abound) in these early days of Lent, I was pondering, given some recent events, the darker side of love.  Particularly, the connection between intimacy and violence, which is a curious and, indeed, an ironic one.  Why, we may ask, do those who at some point loved each other to the point of sharing in the most ... (Continue reading)

The First Message of His Holiness, Saint John Paul II, for Lent

John Paul II

(In the spirit of beginning our Lenten journey, here is a retrospective of the first Lenten message by Pope (Saint) John Paul II.  He sounds a lot like Pope Francis in these words, signifying the continuity of Magisterial teaching.  A blessed Lent to all! Editor) You ask: “What has happened to Lent?”. Going to some small extent without food does not, you think, mean much, at a time when so many of our brothers and sisters are victims of ... (Continue reading)

Of Japanese Martyrs, Hotel Refugee and Orthodox Reunion

paul miki

*The migrant/refugee debacle continues, with assaults, rapes and (so far, thankfully foiled) terrorist plots in Germany, Sweden and other countries, who have bent on an emotional and irrational desire to welcome all and sundry from Syria and other war-torn regions.  As I have written before, there is nothing wrong and indeed much good with the motivation to assist those less fortunate, but this must be guided by reason, by policies shaped with a 'strong juridical framework', as Pope John Paul ... (Continue reading)

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