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Eucharistic Adoration: rest for a busy life


Don't omit your visits to the Blessed Sacrament. After saying your usual prayer tell Jesus, really present in the tabernacle, about the cares and worries of your day. And He will give you light and courage for your life as a Christian. - St. Josemaria Escriva For most people, when we're asked how we are or what's new in our life, the answer often is: "I'm so busy." Busyness is a poverty of our time. We're occupied with the kids, our ... (Continue reading)

Dear Father: what I don’t want at my funeral

holy painting

Dear Father, About that funeral I attended at your parish: I know you were trying to be nice and consoling and reassuring but can we talk? One day, maybe soon, I'm going to die. If you happen to be the priest celebrating my funeral Mass, then I'm worried. You know how you let the family deliver a eulogy right after the entrance hymn? I'm not an expert but isn't that kind of strange and wrong? By allowing the eulogy at that time, ... (Continue reading)

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To Cohabit or Not To Cohabit


At the close of a year online magazines will often post lists of Hollywood’s best and brightest who have married, divorced, reproduced, dated, or broken up over the past year. This year was no different and I found myself scrolling through pictures of seventy-odd marriages that happened in 2013. I got halfway through when I started noticing a trend. Every other description said something like: “So-and-so wed his long-time girlfriend” or “She and her partner of twenty-seven years made it ... (Continue reading)

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Goodness from around the web..

Highlight of the week: All Hipsters Eventually Become Catholic by Edmund Mitchell "The new hipster loves going to daily Mass at his parish, where the pews are filled with no one under the age of 50. He did it before it was cool." Of note: "Aaron" (video) A wonderful pro-life short film. Alice von Hildebrand honoured by Pope Francis by John Burger Cardinal Burke invests her as a Dame Grand Cross of the Pontifical Order of St. Gregory the ... (Continue reading)

The continuing over-sexualization of our children


The Toronto Public Health office (TPH) has developed a series of resources for the (public) Toronto District School Board teachers to assist them in implementing the Ontario Ministry of Education's Sexual Health Curriculum. The information consists of lesson plans and YouTube videos and all are available online. Thank you to Lou Iacobelli at Everyday For Life Canada for first alerting concerned citizens about this latest attack on our children. Here is a quick overview of the TPH Sexual Health website. ... (Continue reading)

Isabel and her Sword


I travelled back to Calgary for my Christmas holidays, and one of the most entertaining elements of my two weeks there was spending time with my younger siblings. John and I, in particular, spent a lot of time together. He is the four-year-old baby of ten children, and walks into every room firm in the confidence that the world loves him and that life is good. Why wouldn’t it be? He is surrounded by the adoration of his many siblings and ... (Continue reading)

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The future of Catholicism

Michael Coren

When a publisher telephones and asks for a new book, written quickly, there is only one response: a high- pitched, only partly controlled “yes.” That the publisher is Random House, who has published my last two books so well and successfully, only emphasizes the experience. I agreed, I wrote it, they and I are pleased with it, and The Future of Catholicism (Signal Books) has just been published. The reason for the request, of course, is that there ... (Continue reading)

Successor to St. Peter

Michael Coren

It’s been a challenging few weeks for serious Catholics. By “challenging” I suppose I mean difficult, and by “serious” I mean those who live rather than edit their Catholicism. So much has already been written about the pope’s extensive interview that I am not going to re-address the details here. The tragedy was that the New York Times, rather than the Bishops and the Church, had the first opportunity to distill and interpret what the Holy Father ... (Continue reading)

What we are called to do

Michael Coren

The Catholic blogosphere hit Bottum recently, and hit it very hard indeed—the Bottum in question being Jody, a Catholic journalist and former editor of the highly regarded First Things. He wrote a long article in the little-read Commonweal magazine outlining why he had changed his mind on the subject of same-sex marriage. While I have never been close to giving in and supporting gay marriage, I’ve heard some pretty compelling arguments for it over the years; this, however, ... (Continue reading)

A papal revolution

Michael Coren

There I was in late July, driving to work at 7:30 am, content and peaceful after a weekend with friends in their rural Ontario farm home. Life was good. And then it wasn’t. I turned on the radio as a form of pre-TV show research, and heard that two thousand years of Catholic teaching had been reversed and Pope Francis had changed Catholic theology regarding “gays and women.” As we all know, if we hear something on talk ... (Continue reading)

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