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Obama: enforcer of the sexual revolution

In the last few years, US President Barack Obama has gone to great lengths to implement his vision of a sexual revolution for all America, and indeed for the world. His actions to bring about this revolution involve a variety of attacks on religious freedom across the country and have since been extended to foreign countries by means of American embassies worldwide which now manipulate American foreign aid to browbeat Third World countries into complying with America's sexual policies. It is useful ... (Continue reading)

Not on the level

Not on the level

True, he was taken up for a common drunk, but (if you properly appreciate his conversion) you will realize that he did not mind; since the crime of drunkenness is infinitely less than that of spiritual pride, of which he had really been guilty. - The Modern Scrooge, G. K. Chesterton When we moved into our old house, there were lots of things that needed to be fixed. Some repairs were urgent: we ran out of water the first week, so we ... (Continue reading)

Blessings of monotony

In the vast collection of literature that has been written throughout the history of mankind, the one thing that all books have in common is that they reflect some bit of truth about the lives of the people who wrote them. Some of them reflect the world very well, and in those reflections one sees very clearly truths and connections that are often hidden by “real life.” Others are blurred or distorted connections, and the few truths ... (Continue reading)

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Andre and Joseph

October 2012 cover

Our October 2012 cover artist, Annalicia DiLollo, has lived in Europe, Canada, and the US; currently she is attending The Institute for the Psychological Sciences in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C. In addition to painting she enjoys reading, writing, horseback riding, hiking, sailing, and spending time with friends. When did you start painting? I always drew when I was little and I suppose I painted with kid paints. But then my first oil painting experience was my family was on ... (Continue reading)

Homesick at Home

He looked at the dandelions and crickets and realized that he was gigantic. We are too fond of reckoning by mountains, every object is infinitely vast as well as infinitely small. He stretched himself like one crucified in an uncontainable greatness. “Oh God, who hast made me and all things, hear four songs of praise. One for my feet that Thou hast made strong and light upon Thy daisies. One for my head, which Thou hast lifted and crowned above the four corners ... (Continue reading)

What movie stars don’t have

I imagine that many movie stars (I’ve noticed that many are much smaller than they appear on film) need to buy up the space around them because their egos are so big they can’t share the area around them for a hundred-mile radius. So they buy sprawling ranches in Texas, or 25,000 square-foot homes in Malibu, and they live there—maybe with one other person. “More money than brains,” my mom used to say. Who actually needs 25,000 square feet of ... (Continue reading)

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Teaching kids Latin

Whenever the census in Canada rolls round, I suspect that I am one of the few people who, in the box where one reports languages spoken in the home, must honestly write Latin. Since the birth of my first of four sons seven years ago, I have spoken almost entirely in Latin to them. Why? Not because I am passing on a family tradition. I grew up speaking English. I began learning Latin when I was seventeen. That year I entered ... (Continue reading)

Nuns on the Bus

Ah, Nuns on the Bus. What a fantastic, dedicated, orthodox pillar of Catholicism this group is. It abides by the Magisterium, is obedient to the Pope, and is doctrinally sound. Oh, wait. It's not. Nuns on the Bus is made up of the liberal-progressive leftovers of the 1960s feminist movement, armed to the teeth with propaganda that has no economic, factual, or religious truth. The nuns denounce GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and running mate Paul Ryan, saying the Ryan Budget ... (Continue reading)

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With courage and charity

In 1993, when I was a young married man with a growing family, I received a magazine in the mail as a gift from Paul Morgan of the Peterborough Pro-Life Association—the first issue of Catholic Insight. This issue had articles on the media and the US election of the pro-abortion president Clinton, a selection from Pope John Paul II, and an editorial by the founding editor, Fr. de Valk, with associate editors David Dooley and Fr. Stephen Somerville. They wrote:... (Continue reading)

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